Sunday, 3 April 2011

Wedding photographers beware of the reluctant Best man & Maid of Honour...

So far I would say 50% of maid of honours can’t be arsed to help out with facilitating the photographer during group shots. When it comes to the basic of responsibilities like adjusting the Brides dress or lifting the veil over mucky ground they are nowhere to be seen. 

And then there’s the neglectful best man. After the third time of shouting "Can all the Brides Uni friends please organise themselves for a group shot" you turn to the best man for help and he's pis*ed off to the Hotel Bar. If he does turn up and I quote this from an actual best man you'll get a caustic - "I thought I was here to have a good time not help you out mate".

In the past I’ve done all manner of things to make contingency for the reluctant Maid of Honour and Best Man, from printing out wedding plans on an easel to de briefing the Best man over the phone well in advance but little seams to defend against the malaise of the carefree.

Take a leaf out of the 50% that do help the photographer, here's what they do:

1. They ask me if they can be of any help
2. They get a copy of the plan and organise group shots.
3. The Maid of honour is always on hand making sure the Bride gets a drink when she wants one, tidy's up the dress diligently for each photograph and never buggers off.
5. When over keen photographer wannabees start organising there own shots they step in reminding guests that they can take all the shots they want when the photographer has finished.

Now I'm off to buy an electric cattle prod, if Argos is out of stock then I'll have to check out the going rate of hiring an assistant, oh God I see more cost coming my way :-(

Author: the anonymous York wedding photographer