Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Videographers make weddings feel their under CCTV

Videographers make weddings feel their under CCTV
"Photographer Verses Videographer, Terminator verses Predator"

Whilst the client will rename nameless for obvious reasons my last wedding photography job
was a fuc#ing nightmare.

Why do brides book photographers & videographers? Do they like cock fighting?

Videographers like the proverbial German  placing his towel on the best pool chair have an inherent desire to slap there Darlek  esque tripods in key positions. Note i say positions plural. My last wedding at Crayke Church North Yorkshire was a classic example. The Videographers  pulled up with a camera crew arsenal big enough to cover an U2 concert and without asking placed three tripods in the church, two at the front & one slap bang in the middle of the  aisle.

When this happens you feel like paparazzi, no longer the official photographer,
desperately fighting for an angle and trying  not to trip over anything, the photography plan you had in your head disappears and is  replaced with fantasy images of you walking up to bride and saying - "Unless you get these student film making gimps out of this Chuch I'm outta here"

But until i get the Hugo Bernard phone call I guess its tough titty, I’ll have to put up 
with the feeling a wedding is under CCTV surveillance every time the videographers rock up with enough tripods to keep the holy ghost  out of  the church.