Monday, 28 March 2011

Don't Blame The Wedding Photographer

The Sun newspaper recently published an article detailing how a couple successfully sued the wedding photographer & videographer for dodgy shots.
But it’s not always the photographer’s fault. Yes the bridal party does have there part to play, it’s a two way street. Here’s the top 5 pain in the arse things bridal party’s do when your trying to photograph there very special day.

1.Bride just won’t stop talking when you’re taking their pic so you end up with shots looking like they’ve just had a stroke.

2. Despite a detailed photo plan clearly communicated people turn up late and say Chevy Chase things like.. “Sorry mate got a bit pissed last night”

3. The registrar fails to tell everyone no pictures until the official photographer has got his. The photographer then ends up having to battle his way through a paparazzi scrum.

4. When the bride walks up the aisle with her entourage they all bunch up and with no spaces in between the bridesmaids she’s totally blocked out so you can forget getting the classic walking up the aisle pic.

5. The best man doesn’t look up during his speech. With his script firmly glued to his nose he’s convinced himself if he meets eye contact with anyone he’ll spontaneously combust.

So if your booking a wedding photographer remember you’ve got a part to play too and if you attempt to sue make sure you didn’t ignore the brief the photographer eMailed you else you might find your self on the wrong end of the court bill.

Author: the anonymous York wedding photographer

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