Friday, 18 November 2011

Psycho Bride Deserves An ASBO

"More real life stories of woe and injustice from an anonymous wedding photographer"

The below is the original eMail i received from a bride in response to
her cheque bouncing (Ive replaced real names with pseudonyms). Now I'm man enough to know when a bollocking is deserved but when the Brides cheque bounces and its my fault! I fear for the man who has married this woman...

I am emailing rather than phoning you as I fear I may not be able to keep my temper in check if I actually talk to you.

I am astounded and quite frankly appalled that a "professional" photographer would wait six weeks (at least) to cash a cheque! When my sister gave you the payment there were sufficient funds available to cover the amount. If you had not delayed in attempting to cash the cheque this deplorable occurrence could have been avoided. But to wait such a length of time before depositing the cheque is both careless and inconsiderate! Mrs McDrevit has incurred a charge for the rebounded cheque, a result that, again, could have been avoided if you had acted in an appropriate, timely manner!

Having said all that, I accept that you are still awaiting payment for your services. I'm afraid, however, that you will now have to wait until the end of the month until payment can be made. Obviously you cannot be trusted with another cheque, so please advise if you have a means of receiving payments electronically or over the phone? Mrs McDrevit has agreed that you may pick up a cash payment from her house if that is the only available option.

Please advise the best way to proceed.



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